City Page – Omaha

LVC City: Omaha, NE

On December 1, 2008, Lutheran Service Corps (LSC) of Omaha, Nebraska, joined Lutheran Volunteer Corps at the initiation of the LSC Board of Directors. After a year’s worth of conversation and planning, the boards of both organizations approved the consolidation in the fall of 2008. LVC Volunteers began working in Omaha in August, 2009. Omaha has been an LVC Placement City since 2009.

Located on the banks of the Missouri River, Omaha is the largest city in the state of Nebraska. In the 19th century, Omaha became a transportation hub for the railroads, and in the 20th century the stockyards and meat packing plants gained national prominence. This is beef country. Vegetarians don’t despair! The former ag markets downtown have been revitalized! Every Saturday from March until October you can find all varieties of local and organic produce at the Farmers Market. Because of Omaha’s former meat packing industry, the metro area became home to waves of European immigrants, which over time changed to Latino and African immigrants. Like any city experiencing a large influx of new people, Omaha became very segregated by neighborhood. While the city of Malcolm X’s birthplace still struggles to integrate, major grassroots efforts are being led by people of the community to promote education, job growth, and family development. In Omaha, there is a major independent music scene (home to Saddlecreek Records), deep Jazz roots, the largest community theater in the United States, a beautiful riverfront, fair trade coffee shops, independent theaters, and a top ranked zoo. Omaha just may surprise you!

Some things you might not have guessed about life in Omaha or Hillstrom House…

• The venerable Hillstrom “House” is actually a former convent (where Volunteers always have their own room!)
• Due to the standard of living in Omaha, a Volunteer’s stipend goes further than in other cities
• Many placement sites are walking distance from Hillstrom House
• Hillstrom House is a short drive/bus away from downtown Omaha
• Currently the 42nd largest city in the United States, the Omaha metropolitan area is home to nearly one million people
• You can go “Bobbing” while walking across the Bob Kerry Bridge to Iowa and back on one of the largest pedestrian bridges ever constructed. And it’s free!
• If baseball is your thing, the College World Series is held annually in Omaha and Omaha hosts the Kansas City Royals AAA affiliate, the Omaha Stormchasers.
• The Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is ranked one of the world’s best zoos!


Hillstrom House

Active in the Omaha Lutheran community, Alice Hillstrom gave generously to the mission and work of Lutheran Service Corps. We honor her spirit of generous commitment, and seek to live it out in our service.