Support Local Volunteers

If you live in one of LVC’s volunteer cities, consider joining your local support network, a group of community members, members of support congregations, alumni of LVC, and others who come together to support the current Volunteers and LVC in fulfilling their mission.

What do these local support networks do?

Support current Volunteers in Lutheran Volunteer Corps by:

  • Building relationships with the current Volunteers to welcome them to a new city and community.
  • Responding to the needs of the current Volunteers such as helping them get to the airport or providing them resources and ways to connect to their new community.
  • Becoming a non-residential host family for one of the Volunteers or an entire house of Volunteers.
  • Being Community Mentors (formerly “Snack ‘n’ Yak leaders”) or Spiritualty Mentors. Two Community Mentors are paired up with one house to facilitate discussions on conflict resolution and building a covenant. Spirituality Mentors are assigned to houses to help facilitate spirituality conversations at the beginning of the LVC year.
  • Planning social events for the current Volunteers and local supporters to enjoy.
  • Help find, move, and furnish LVC houses.

Support the mission of Lutheran Volunteer Corps by:

  • Organizing fundraisers and events for LVC in each city.
  • Connect LVC alumni via an email listserv to share postings relevant to former volunteers, including notices about relocation, housing, employment search and openings, and events.
  • Help strengthen LVC’s anti-racism work and move forward on our Journey to an Inclusive Community.

How Can I Join?

If you would like to help LVC volunteers in your area in any capacity, please contact your regional Program Manager for more information and join one of the Facebook groups listed below. Thanks for your interest!

Regional Facebook Groups

Connect with LVC alumni, current Volunteers and supporters nationally & in your area! Our LVC Alumni Facebook group is the only group that limits participation to those who have completed a year (or more) of service with LVC.

Contact if you are interested in starting a LVC alum network in your area.

Congregational Involvement

The vision and dedication of a single congregation, Luther Place Memorial Church, led to the establishment of LVC.  Today, congregations across the country continue to be vibrant and vital members of the LVC community.

Congregations ground LVC more deeply in the communities LVC serves, and help LVC maintain its strong calling to Christian mission. We invite you to ask yourself, and the members of your church community, how you can help support LVC’s mission of peace with justice.

Donor Congregations

Donor Congregations are local congregations and religious groups from across the country that support the mission and vision of LVC. Through spiritual and financial support, congregations and other religious groups help make LVC’s mission possible.

If you would like your congregation to hear more about LVC’s efforts to promote community, social justice, and simple and sustainable living, please contact our Development Office at or call Rev. Elizabeth Bier, Recruitment & Outreach Manager at 612-787-8844.

Depending on your needs and interests, we can connect in a variety of ways, from sending you our newsletter and informational brochures, to arranging for an LVC alumni or Volunteer to visit your congregation. We have bulletin inserts and other materials on our marketing page that you may download, print and use in your congregation.

Support Congregations

Support Congregations are local partners within LVC cities. These congregations provide physical, financial and personal support directly to LVC volunteer communities, local support networks and LVC as a whole.  The relationship between LVC and support congregations is flexible and is based on local gifts and needs.  Possible ways support congregations can help us include, but are not limited to:

  • Driving new volunteers to their LVC houses
  • Hosting local commissioning services
  • Hosting local volunteer events
  • Providing household furnishings
  • Assisting with relocating houses within the city
  • Providing financial support to LVC and supporting fundraising efforts
  • Providing pastoral counseling and worship support to Volunteers and staff
  • Providing LVC volunteers a relationship with a worshiping congregation
  • Helping represent LVC in their cities and synods
  • Serving as placement agencies
  • Providing housing for LVC Volunteers
  • Providing LVC office space

To learn more about this local support for LVC Volunteers, please contact the regional Program Manager for your city.

Individual Financial Support

And of course, individual financial support is always welcome as well!