Volunteer Guide

The “Women Wall”: by Loretto Volunteers ’18-’19, for women breaking down barriers

Summer & National Orientation for Volunteers: 2019-20

Pre-Orientation Preparation

Volunteer Forms due by June 1, 2019 – please track which forms you have completed

2019-20 Orientation, Logistics, and Moving to your LVC Home

Volunteer Handbook

Want a comprehensive summary of everything LVC?  The Volunteer Handbook includes critical information about the LVC program year, health insurance, finance information, your responsibilities to LVC and your Placement, and other resources.

To be prepared for your LVC experience, read the 2019-20 Volunteer Handbook. We promise you’ll be an expert by the end of it!

LVC Communications

Healthcare Information

All LVC Volunteers must have health insurance.  If you need information about LVC-provided health insurance, contact LVC.

  • Healthcare Glossary – Your quick and easy guide to decoding terms like ‘deductible’, ‘co-pay’,  ‘in-network provider’, and more!

LVC “Bookshelf”

Program Calendar

Obtain the most current program calendar from your Program Manager.

End of the Year: 2018-19 Volunteers


Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask your Program Manager for help!