Volunteer Guide

The following pages include information and resources for incoming and current volunteers.

Summer & Orientation

End of the Year

Healthcare Information

  • Healthcare Glossary – Your quick & easy guide to decoding terms like ‘deductible’, ‘co-pay’,  ‘in-network provider’, and more!
  • Health Insurance Overview – if you need information about LVC’s health insurance, contact Deborah Shepard, LVC’s Business Operations Manager.

Core Practices Resources

Volunteer Handbook

If you’re having trouble finding the information you need, check the 2016-17 Volunteer Handbook! It includes critical information about the LVC program year, health insurance, finance information, the responsibilities you have to LVC and your placement, and other resources.

UDPATE: Kate Ingersoll has completed her LVC service. Please contact Deborah Shepard, LVC’s Business Operations Manager, for items referred to Kate in the 2015-16 Volunteer Handbook.

Program Calendar

See program calendar received from your Regional Program Manager.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask your Program Manager for help!