Food Justice Project

Food_Justice_logo_snipLVC is excited to introducing a new Food Justice project in Milwaukee, WI. Beginning in August 2016, LVC will place full-time Volunteers in five Milwaukee urban agriculture projects to increase the communities’ capacity to produce and distribute fresh produce.

Your donation will help five food justice organizations expand the production of, and accessibility to, fresh food for the Harambee and Lindsay Heights neighborhoods. It will also help Volunteers explore a vocation in working for food justice.

For the first three years of the project, LVC will cover a portion of the cost to place a Volunteer in their sites. Your donation will help LVC find, train and support the Volunteers throughout the year.

For more information, check out our Food Justice Brochure or contact Sam Collins, president, at (206) 463-6369 or LVC is also investing in Milwaukee through our capital campaign to purchase our current LVC house in Milwaukee. Thank you in advance for your support of LVC.

To apply to be a Volunteer in the Food Justice House, read more about Becoming an LVC Volunteer and about the potential Food Justice placements.