Shauna Malone Memorial Scholarship

Shauna Malone Memorial Scholarship

Shauna’s Legacy

SHAUNA MALONE (1970-2013) died suddenly of pneumonia at the age of 42.  A happily married mother of 2 young daughters, Mara (4) and Carly (2), Shauna enjoyed working with high risk children as a social worker at Eden Children Services in San Leandro, CA. A dedicated member of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in San Francisco, she taught Sunday School and was involved with the church’s city outreach.  In 2010 she married the love of her life, Dr. Andreas Kemp, a physicist at Livermore Labs. 

Shauna was born with a song in her heart. As a little girl she entertained family guests at the first suggestion and continued singing in musicals at Chadwick and Palos Verdes High School.  She was honored to sing for many friends’ weddings. After graduating from Tufts University in Medford, Masachusetts, she joined a performing group, “Up with People” where she traveled the world singing and doing community service.

Traveling was part of her DNA since she backpacked around the world for 13 months when she was 9 years old with her parents and 6 year old sister, Molly.  Shauna studied in Cuernavaca, Mexico in high school and spent a college semester studying Russian in Leningrad (St. Petersburg) Russia and another semester studying Spanish in Madrid Spain. Her suitcase was always ready for a new adventure. As an adult she traveled through South America, China, New Zealand, India, South Africa, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Europe.

She spent a year in Baltimore, Maryland at Lutheran Volunteer Corps.  There she lived in Community living simply without wasting the earth’s resources.  Volunteers helped meet needs of disenfranchised people working in literacy and children’s programs, food banks, and churches. Shauna was assigned to help women prisoners. This experience gave her the desire to receive a Masters degree in Social Work at the University of Maryland.  As part of her program she took courses in Kerala, India.  After graduation she worked at Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore before moving to San Francisco to continue her social work career.  There she also worked as a volunteer helping the San Francisco LVC branch. She felt that Lutheran Volunteer Corps helped not only to make the world better, but to make the volunteers gain awareness of their life’s purpose.  

Shauna loved salsa dancing, tennis, and swimming in the ocean, but she mostly loved her friends and family. She adored her husband and 2 young daughters as well as her best friend/sister, Molly and her mom and dad, Tom & Mary Malone. She is remembered for active listening to everyone she encountered, putting their needs before hers, her child-like enthusiasm, and her deep empathy. Her strong faith in God and her love of life shone through in all she did.

The Purpose of the Scholarship

Too often there are worthy organizations that cannot afford to cover the cost of a full-time volunteer. While the fees are based upon a sliding scale commensurate with the placement’s annual budget, we never want it to be a hindrance to placing a volunteer. This scholarship will allow smaller, community-based non-profits to participate and open new learning opportunities.

Please donate to support this scholarship now and into the future. We hope to build sufficient funds to continue this support long past the time Shauna’s daughters and grandchildren are eligible to participate in LVC.

*If you wish to donate a portion of your estate, please contact LVC staff at 202-387-3222 and ask to make a Planned Gift.