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Each year, Lutheran Volunteer Corps matches 90-95 full time Volunteers with social justice non-profit organizations across the U.S. This directory provides an overview of placement positions for the 2015-16 and 2016-17 program years.  About 80% of LVC partner placement organizations re-apply each year and we also have new positions each year that may not yet be on this list.

LVC Applicants see available positions as part of the application and matching process, including more in depth position descriptions. To have the widest choice of positions, apply by our Round 1 January 15th deadline. There are significantly fewer positions available for the Round 2 April 1st deadline. Please contact if you have particular questions about available positions.

Beloved Community Organizer – Madrona Grace Presbyterian Church

The mission of MadGrace is 'Seeking the Beloved Community Through the Liberating Love of Jesus.' We are a small church that has been active in Seattle's Central area for well over 100 years, with ministries ranging from after school tutoring to hosting breakfasts of the black panthers. We currently have a permanent shelter for homeless families in our basement and we are building a tiny home for a formerly homeless on-site supervisor while making the rest of our building available to the community through a project called 'The Madrona Commons.'

Madrona Grace is a small, progressive, diverse church located about three miles from downtown Seattle in a beautiful and walk-able neighborhood called Madrona. We are seeking a young adult to be a part of our pastoral team who can help organize and develop creative, sustainable ministries by drawing on the assets of our extended community.

Seattle WA