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Each year, Lutheran Volunteer Corps matches 90-95 full time Volunteers with social justice non-profit organizations across the U.S. This directory provides an overview of placement positions for the 2015-16 and 2016-17 program years.  About 80% of LVC partner placement organizations re-apply each year and we also have new positions each year that may not yet be on this list.

LVC Applicants see available positions as part of the application and matching process, including more in depth position descriptions. To have the widest choice of positions, apply by our Round 1 January 15th deadline. There are significantly fewer positions available for the Round 2 April 1st deadline. Please contact if you have particular questions about available positions.

Boycott/Community Organizer – UNITE HERE Local 2850

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UNITE HERE Local 2850 is a small local union committed to building low-wage workers' leadership to fight for living wages and rights on the job. We organize workers in fast food, hotels, college cafeterias, and other hospitality jobs. Like other UNITE HERE Locals, we are leading the labor movement in developing the voices and power of low-wage, immigrant workers.

The Community Organizer will be responsible for mobilizing community allies - congregations, student groups, community organizations, etc. - to stand with low-wage workers who are fighting for their rights. Recent projects included organizing fast food workers at the Oakland Airport - and building a coalition with groups representing WalMart and restaurant workers to strengthen the national movement for justice for low-wage workers. We also mobilized workers, students and faculty to fight for a living wage for Cal State East Bay cafeteria workers. We're working with immigrant hotel housekeepers to win safe and healthy workloads. And we're teaming with food justice groups to plan 'union gardens' in our members' homes - and make sure that food workers don't have to live with hunger. Our campaigns change over time, and current one may no longer be active by the time the volunteer starts (in which case, he or she can plan the victory party!). All our campaigns are focused on building strong community support for low-wage workers. One tactic we often use is the community boycott, inspired by Cesar Chavez' grape boycott. If there is an active boycott at the time the volunteer joins us, he or she would be responsible for education the community about why it's important not to patronize businesses that abuse their workers.

Oakland CA