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Each year, Lutheran Volunteer Corps matches 70-80 full time Volunteers with social justice non-profit organizations across the U.S. This directory provides an overview of placement positions for the 2016-17 and 2017-18 program years.  About 80% of LVC partner placement organizations re-apply each year and we also have new positions each year that may not yet be on this list.

LVC Applicants see available positions as part of the application and matching process, including more in depth position descriptions. To have the widest choice of positions, apply by our Round 1 January 15th deadline. There are significantly fewer positions available for the Round 2 April 1st deadline. Please contact if you have particular questions about available positions.

Program Associate (Columbia Heights) – Brainfood

Program Associate (Columbia Heights) – Brainfood
Founded in February 1999, Brainfood is a community-based youth development organization that uses the power of food to engage, empower, and employ DC teens and young adults. Through culinary-related activities, we strive to expand cognitive skills, encourage creativity, foster self-reliance, and empower youth as resources in their own community. After over 18 years of operation, we are now running programs in three DC facilities (Columbia Heights, Mt. Vernon Square, Chinatown), with expected additional expansion.

Brainfood currently runs four programs during the year—Cooks in Training, Community Cooking Coaches, Summer Cooks in Training, and Test Kitchen. From October to May, Cooks in Training meets Monday through Thursday afternoons (4–6:30pm) and Community Cooking Coaches meets Tuesday & Thursday afternoons (4-6:30pm). From June to August, Summer Cooks in Training and Test Kitchen meet weekday afternoons for six weeks. Participants, recruited from area high schools, attend classes which use experiential learning activities to help students build valuable life skills.

At Brainfood, we provide youth with a safe and structured environment where they are encouraged to take healthy risks, challenge themselves, learn new skills, and make healthy choices. Brainfood programs are designed to address the capacities, strengths, and development needs of youth. Brainfood’s program outcomes are based on the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets®

• Responsibility & Autonomy (Accountability) - A perception that one has some control over daily events and is accountable for one’s own actions and for the consequences on others.

• Civic and Social Ability - The ability and motivation to work collaboratively with others and for the larger good and to sustain caring friendships and relationships with others.

• Productive Member of Society - The ability and motivation to gain functional and organizational skills necessary for employment – including the steps necessary for reach goals – and the ability and motivation to learn in school and other settings; to use critical thinking, to be creative, and to use problem-solving and expressive skills.

• Mastery and Future - A perception that one is “making it” and will succeed in the future.

A Program Associate will serve as a frontline youth worker and instruct youth in the kitchen at program site (teach classes 4 days/week):
- Oversee logistics for classes and program activities
- Grocery shop for supplies for Brainfood classes
- Serve as primary Brainfood contact at the program site
- Build relationships and serve as a positive role model for youth participants
- Maintain contact with participants and families - re: enrollment, special events, student updates, etc.
- Assist with the management of weekly classroom volunteers (recruitment, training, retention)
- Coordinate with other program staff to maintain program quality and consistency at our three sites
- Work with the Deputy Director and Program Manager to initiate ongoing improvements to curriculum and expand opportunities for Brainfood students
- Work to implement recruitment strategy for Brainfood after school and summer programs
- Write and develop curriculum for Brainfood programs
- Assist with the management of relationships with feeder schools, families, restaurants, other community resources for program
- Schedule and manage volunteer instructors and guest chefs at the site
- Assist with the coordination of program-related special event planning, including securing space, recruiting volunteers, and obtaining any equipment and supplies needed
- Assist with Brainfood fundraisers as needed, including recruiting and supervising youth representatives
- Update Brainfood website and contribute blog entries
- Assist with and help maintain Brainfood's social media presence
- Generate written content for program reports and evaluations
- Collect and enter data for program evaluations
- Assist in program development and any focus groups or pilot programs regarding program growth
- Have fun while building community through food!

Washington DC