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Filling out an application for LVC is an invitation to reflect on why you believe the LVC service year or semester is the right opportunity for you. You will complete Volunteer Application Part I, and Part II (two separate online documents), and should prepare for submitting online by Sneak Peeking both applications below:

  • View the Sneak Peek: Volunteer Application to see the questions on the application before you go online to complete it.  You must complete the application in one sitting, and will not be able to save the application form after completing.
  • View the Sneak Peek: Volunteer Essays to see the questions and write your responses offline, before you go online to complete it.  You will not be able to save the application after completing.


NO DEADLINES, however, applying by February 1 gives you first pick for Placement positions!  Interviewing starts in March of each year, and continues until all positions are filled (which might be through July).

Regardless of when you apply, here's the process:

  • Apply -- by submitting the application, essays, and 1-2 references
  • One-hour phone screening interview -- for you to share why this program is for you
  • Approval -- we approve you for the program, and you participate in Zoom online orientation
  • Orientation -- Zoom online orientation (1 hour)
  • Top 10 -- choose your top 10 Placement positions and cities
  • Placement Interviews -- interview for positions
  • Rankings -- you and Placements rank each other
  • Match -- from your rankings we place you with a position
  • Sign -- you and the Placement sign a 3-way contract with LVC for your service term, the Placement pays the Placement Fee and LVC raises the rest for your expenses
  • Enroll -- you fill out paperwork for your participation in the LVC Program
  • Start -- your service term in social justice begins at orientation!


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