City Page – Baltimore

LVC City: Baltimore, MD

Known as “Charm City,” Baltimore has the quirky, distinctive feel of a city that combines Southern influences with industrial working-class roots. Films by Baltimore native John Waters highlight neighborhoods like Hampden, where the locals call you “hon,” and where a giant pink flamingo hovers over The Avenue. Baltimore also has a proud African American heritage. Birthplace to Frederick Douglass and Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, Baltimore is home to the NAACP headquarters and features the East Coast’s largest African American history museum. The Inner Harbor and many large in-town parks add to the city’s beauty and interest. Some of Baltimore’s key struggles include drug addiction, homelessness, and the woes caused by a national economy that has transitioned away from domestic industry. Volunteers will appreciate the many cultural festivals, the excellent library system, and the multiple sports opportunities that Baltimore offers. Baltimore has been an LVC Placement City since 1983.


Simunye House

Simunye means “We are one” in Zulu. In the work of justice, we are more when we support each other as one.