City Page – Wilmington

LVC City: Wilmington, DE

Wilmington is the largest city in the state of Delaware, and with an economy based in the financial sector and chemical giant DuPont, its downtown demonstrates the sophistication of other East Coast cities. At the same time, Wilmington is small enough to be accessible, with much of the city in easy walking distance. Because of its location on the eastern seaboard, Wilmington has plenty of “big city” issues; drug addictions, homelessness, mental illness, housing shortages, and poverty are but a few of the serious problems. Wilmington also exceeds national averages in the rate of teen births, unemployment, and cancer. Volunteers in Wilmington appreciate the many free or low-cost cultural opportunities in Wilmington and nearby Philadelphia, and Wilmington’s caring, enthusiastically supportive LVC community. Be ready to learn what it means to have Delaware pride! Wilmington has been an LVC Placement City since 1982.


Koinonia House

Koinonia comes from the Greek word that means communion by intimate participation. Koinonia – Communion, Community, Relationship and Full Participation.


Join Wilmington for the annual 12-lane extravaganza bringing the whole community together, and raising funds to support LVC and Koinonia House Volunteers!