Meet Kabrina Bass

Meet Kabrina Bass!

Kabrina Bass joined the LVC Board of Directors in August 2021. Supporters interested in joining the board can start by joining a committee — Finance, External Relations, and Board Development and Nominations — to prepare for board service.  Let’s hear why Kabrina joined…

Q: Why did you join the LVC Board of Directors?

A: I joined to work with the president and board members on a specific project before I was invited to join the Board. I was intrigued by the mission around building young adult lives; giving back to young people who seek to do greater things than I was able to do at that age; and the idea of living in community with others centering a year of service on peace building. LVC is a great fit for me.

Q: What have you gained from the Board experience?

A: A new circle of friends! I love expanding my circle. We often limit our circles to geographic and social boundaries and cliques, and our circle remains narrow. Expanding areas of interest and platforms helps me engage broader diversity of thoughts different or similar to my own — that’s so engaging and expanding. Our circle of friends limits us. As the executive director at Midlands Mediation Center, I ask people to write down a shortlist of people they trust, outside of family members. The people we trust are often just like us in age, race, gender, socioeconomic status, etc. We surround ourselves with like-people. We think this happens accidentally, but it doesn’t — we have choices. Our scope of the world is within the boundaries we set. Also, our social boundaries are connected to micro-aggressions because what’s not offensive in our circle can be considered threatening and disrespectful in other circles.

Q: What do you believe you have contributed to LVC so far?

New, fresh perspectives; views from a different lens.  I encouraged the Board to include voices of new Board members around expectations; and suggested board members engage first through committee work to learn about LVC and develop buy-in around mission, strategy, and culture.  Then, after committee service, serving on the Board will be a natural transition, and members will already have a demonstrated commitment to LVC. 

Q: Why support the LVC mission?

A: My background in faith traditions informs my belief that the faith community has a responsibility to community as a whole.  Voice is critical in a time of injustice, inequity, and marginalization.  I’m hurt when churches are in communities and see issues and remain silent.  I like the idea of bringing people together for peace and justice.  I remember the past, a time when justice was “just us,” reserved only for some.  Being part of an organization that believes in peace and justice allows me to help with the movement forward.


Kabrina just completed her degree in conflict management, focused on including cultural competence, emotional intelligence, and creating an online platform for mediation training. These skills add to the gifts she already brings to LVC.