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START HERE:  What does it mean to volunteer with LVC?

We're excited that you're interested!  Lutheran Volunteer Corps (LVC) is a full-time service and leadership program operating in many cities across the United States.  Volunteers are placed in full-time positions (see sample full-time positions) at social justice organizations for one year, or for a semester with our new Flex Semester program.

Volunteers serving a year live together iService Programs logon intentional community with other volunteers, practice living simply and sustainability, while exploring spirituality together.  Flex Semesters are NEW!, and Volunteers serve where they live in one of LVC's program cities (Twin Cities MN, Washington DC, Baltimore MD, Omaha NE, or Wilmington DE).  Volunteers can serve August-December, January-May, or June-August, starting (tentatively) in summer 2020. Flex Semester housing is based on availability.

Check out what it means to one Volunteer to serve and be part of a frontline C-19 response team HERE.

APPLY NOW! Interviews start in February 2020, positions start in August 2020

Year of Service: August 2020 - July 2021
FLEX Semester: Fall, August 2020 - December 2020
FLEX Semester: Spring, January 2021 - May 2021
FLEX Semester: Summer, June 2021 - August 2021

  • ONLINE OPEN HOUSE EVENTS: Ask questions before applying!  See the event schedule for dates and signup.

  • View the Sneak Peek: Volunteer Application to see the questions on the application before you go online to complete it.  You must complete the application in one sitting, and will not be able to save the application form after completing. Complete and save a copy offline before cutting and pasting into the online form!

  • View the Sneak Peek: Volunteer Essays to see the questions and write your responses offline, before you go online to complete it.  You will not be able to save the application after completing. Complete and save a copy offline before cutting and pasting into the online form!

  • SIGN UP for a 30-minute Zoom online open house, offered twice a month at 12:00 noon for general Q&A.

FEEL FREE TO SHARE the program poster below with friends, family, college, community, and others!

There are many service programs out there, so take time to figure out which one is right for you. The Catholic Volunteer Network is a helpful resource to compare programs and LVC is proud to be named as a Service Program that Changes the World. You may also find links to all five ELCA-connected service year programs on the ELCA Young Adult Ministry webpage.

How do I apply?

  1. Fill out the actual online application. Applications CAN BE SUBMITTED ANY TIME, and interviews start in February 2020.  Those who apply early will have a greater selection of social justice placements.
  2. Visit our Application Timeline page for the next steps in the application process. Potential volunteers will participate in a phone interview with LVC staff, as well as interviews with potential placements.

How long is the LVC commitment? When does it start?
Volunteers can serve for one year, or a semester in fall, spring, or summer.  Year volunteers gather in early-August for national orientation before heading to their LVC cities for local orientation, and must commit to LVC and their placements through late July of the following year. Semester volunteers have local orientation and must commit to working with their local cohort for the full semester.

Who can be a Volunteer?
Applicants must be 21 or older and self-motivated, mature, and stable. People from all skill backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Volunteers must be interested in social justice work; want to grow and engage with their housemates or local cohort around intentional community, living simply/sustainability, exploring spirituality, and social justice; and want to expand their anti-racism/oppression and intercultural/global citizen skillset by participating in leadership learning experiences throughout the year.

LVC is open to persons from all spiritual traditions. LVC does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, race, creed, age, culture, disability, economic class, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation.

Where do Volunteers serve?
LVC volunteers get the opportunity to serve full-time at nonprofits committed to social justice. Volunteers serve in a variety of roles: advocacy, community organizing, outreach, research, direct service, development, and administrative support. To browse our SAMPLE list of current placement positions, visit our Placement Positions directory.

Where do Volunteers live?
Year Volunteers are placed in major cities across the United States, and live together in community with 4-7 other volunteers, with furnished housing provided by LVC.  Semester programs provide housing based on availability, and most Semester volunteers live at their own homes.

Do Volunteers get paid?
Like most service-year programs, Volunteers are provided a modest monthly stipend to cover basic personal needs.  The stipend can change from one year to the next, and in 2019 was $240 per month.  Benefits include housing/rent, health insurance, transportation, and education/training -- costs covered by LVC and Placement and not paid by the Volunteer.

What about student loans during my LVC year?

There are several options to affordably pay your student loans during a year of service. For details, read our blog post about loans during your year of service AND this doc on Student Loans and LVC.

In that doc, we particularly lift up income-driven repayment plans and the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLFP) for those with federal direct student loan debt. There are also deferment or forbearance options, in addition to standard repayment plans. If you have private loans, you’ll need to talk with your lender about repayment options. If you have a co-signer on any loan, it’s also important to discuss any loan repayment plans with your co-signer.

An LVC service experience also provides you with valuable work experience to help you get a job after service and/or makes you eligible for many generous graduate school scholarships.

Stay up to speed on student loan news here:

For budgeting and handling other debt (credit card, home, car, etc.):

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Have another question about being a Volunteer? Visit our Volunteer FAQ page! And, learn more about LVC's values and history.  Submit your questions online or call LVC to speak with a program director or manager.

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