Welcome to LVC’s program cities! Get to know them by clicking on each link. LVC Volunteers are matched with nearly 50 non-profits in multiple cities across the United States. Each LVC Region has a program manager, local support network, and supporting congregations that are available to offer assistance to LVC Volunteers. Volunteer houses are located as close as possible to the placement organizations, and the commuting time varies. Some Volunteers live next door to where they serve, some have more than an hour commute on the bus or rail, and others have a position that requires a car. Enjoy your tour!

East Region

Known as “Charm City,” Baltimore has the quirky, distinctive feel of a city that combines Southern influences with industrial working-class roots. 

Wilmington is the largest city in the state of Delaware, and with an economy based in the financial sector and chemical giant DuPont, its downtown demonstrates the sophistication of other East Coast cities. 

From its beginnings as an undeveloped rural area, to its initial planning as the nation’s capital, to its growth in size and infrastructure at the turn of the 20th century, to its place today as a political, economic, and cultural center, Washington, DC, has engaging stories to tell about the people and places that have helped shape Lutheran Volunteer Corps…and the Nation! 

Mid-West Region

Located on the banks of the Missouri River, Omaha is the largest city in the state of Nebraska. In the 19th century, Omaha became a transportation hub for the railroads, and in the 20th century the stockyards and meat packing plants gained national prominence. This is beef country.  And Hillstrom House is the LVC house where you’ll live. Tour it here!

The Minneapolis-St. Paul area, collectively called the Twin Cities, forms the progressive heart of the upper Midwest and is one of the best places to live for nature lovers, musicians, and activists.