A Moving Story From LVC Alum, Carrie Aadland

“There were lots of volunteers in the LVC’s 1983-1984 year, in DC and beyond. The LVC year was designed and supported so well. We lived simply, dividing up our $70 each per month, pushing a grocery cart to an inner city grocery store. A real simplified living aspect was that none of us had cars! We all served our placements for the full year, mine was great. Although from different backgrounds, different ages, newly in DC, we had great community rituals and bonding activities.  And I think we were each equipped to continue living as committed Christians doing ministry.  Based on my experience, LVC is definitely worthy to donate to.

For me, a major event that year was that I lost much of my vision and was diagnosed with MS. After the LVC year, with the incredible support from the LVC organization and from my placement, I was able to walk through that staying in DC, and got set up with good medical care. After the LVC year, I was able to take advantage of that medical care and stayed in DC for nine years while I worked part-time at Bread for the World.

When the MS progressed I returned to live with my parents in Washington state and have been perched here ever since. During my time here, I’ve set up a “God’s Money Fund” to do mission projects. My projects include sponsoring children, potable water, and farm projects, mostly in Guatemala and supporting many other Christian social justice projects. I’m grateful for the LVC year which launched me into many directions that have been important in my Christian walk.”

The following images are from Carrie’s LVC tenure: