Meet Lizzy Raffo, East Region Program Manager! Hi, I’m Lizzy! I currently serve as the East Region Program Manager, and I’m located in Washington, DC. A life-changing year of service in Ecuador propelled me to search for work that commits to moving toward justice. Enter LVC —dedicated to community, social justice, simple and sustainable living, and spirituality. These very same values drive my own life. While coordinating the LVC admissions process this past spring, it energized me to witness such varied individuals all eager to unite under this common mission. Now, I am excited to accompany the Volunteers through their own transformational experiences of serviceRead More →


As December came and passed, I was very upset to have had a Green Christmas, but I never imagined my wish for snow would leave us with record setting negative temperatures in January, 39 inches of snow in February, and a winter storm in April. While I was happy that my fairy tale winter-wonderland was here, I did not anticipate what else winter would bring. My emotions are easily affected by many things – I cry during movies and if I see a cute baby or puppy – but I had never felt the effect of winter bringing me down. With so many days ofRead More →