If you live in one of LVC’s program cities, join your Local Support Network (LSN), a group of alumni, community members, members of support congregations, parents, and others who come together to help make the year-of-service an impactful one.  

Don’t worry about having to do it all — you can pick the support you provide based on your time, talent, and treasure.

What do Local Support Networks (LSNs) do?

  • Local Welcome — provide orientation to the local area; pack-the-pantry with startup groceries; arrange a welcome potluck; be present when members arrive; provide transportation to/from the airport
  • LVC House Preparation — house cleaning for move-in or move-out; scouting out new housing or offering your property for rent; co-leading inspection walk-throughs
  • Placement Scouts — identify and/or connect LVC with new social justice nonprofits
  • Recruitment — identify sources for recruiting prospective applicants; serving as LVC ambassador to campus, club, or youth-serving organizations; be an Admissions interviewer of applicants
  •  Social Engagement — coordinate local events like holiday parties or commissioning ceremonies
  • Resources and Donations — connect LVC to local resources; provide or secure donated furnishings for houses
  • Fundraising — serve as fundraising captain; host fundraisers at your home or in your network; donate professional services or office space; donate an individual, estate, or real estate gift
  • Year-Long Relationships — be a host family for an LVC house; serve as community or spiritual mentor for an LVC house; be “on call” for real estate-related emergencies
  • Leadership — Co-lead the Local Support Network; serve as liaison to National Support Networks; organize teams or hikes for annual Hike-a-Thon
  • Mentor — Serve as a spiritual or community mentor for an LVC house community in one of our program cities

How Can I Join?

Join by submitting this form HERE. Thanks for your interest!

Support Congregations

Support Congregations are local faith institutions within LVC cities, and support is flexible based on local gifts and needs.  In addition to Local Support Network needs listed above, congregations can assist by:

  • Hosting local commissioning services
  • Assisting with relocating houses within the city
  • Providing pastoral counseling and worship support 
  • Providing a relationship with a worshiping congregation
  • Helping represent LVC in their cities and Synods
  • Serving as placement agencies
  • Providing rental housing 
  • Providing LVC office space


LVC is an independent service year program, and invites your individual financial support to maintain the unique experience of a lifetime.