COVID-19 Coronavirus Response


So much is happening in our world. Like everyone else, LVC is following the global health crisis to make decisions about the health and safety of our community. Here’s where we are now:

Check out here to hear directly from a current Volunteer how C-19 has changed his service experience. Alex serves as emergency shelter case manager at Our Savior’s Community Services in Twin Cities

Applicants for 2020-2021

  • LVC welcomes applicants for 2020-21, including those from service programs postponed due to COVID-19.
  • LVC will be actively interviewing and matching volunteer applicants with Placements for year-long and FLEX semesters.
  • LVC will determine how COVID-19 will alter service-year and semester expectations as more information becomes available to us all.
  • Only international students who are already in the United States on VISA can apply. VISA applicants must be able to provide proof of VISA extension through the end of their preferred service term.

LVC Actions for Current Volunteers

  • Telework — In alignment with employers across the country, current Volunteers can continue their service year by teleworking in communication with their Placement supervisors. Volunteers in direct-service positions will be permitted to manage a modified schedule with their Placements.
  • Location — Volunteers are all serving from their LVC houses in their placement cities. Inside each house, Volunteers have a mix of virtual and in-person service, depending on the expectations of their Placements.
  • Benefits — LVC will continue benefits to Volunteers that remain in the program and teleserve, including housing, health insurance, and stipends as applicable.
  • Duration — Every state and Placement is different in its expectations for return to the workplace, and return dates are unknown at this time. Volunteers will return to their Placement sites when the CDC and their State deem it safe to do so.
  • Social Distancing — Volunteers are expected to follow the same guidelines provided by their local and national government for social distancing, travel, health safety, and other orders.
  • Programming — Social distancing makes programming a creative challenge. LVC is currently offering ongoing programming virtually, engaging all Volunteers in the program in this learning experience.

LVC Actions for Operations

  • LVC staff are teleworking.
  • LVC was already a telework and online-friendly operation; and has now shifted to 100% online operations to ensure business continuity.


LVC needs your donations now more than ever! Please consider donating online at, but be assured that we will also receive your checks sent by mail. Bless you in advance!