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To be included in the LVC 40th Anniversary Yearbook!

How has LVC impacted you? Tell us in 100 words or less how LVC has impacted your life. Stories and photos shared via this form may be used in the LVC 40TH ANNIVERSARY YEARBOOK to be published and sold for the celebration in July/August 2019; and may appear in LVC promotional information.

LVC Volunteers & Alumni:

  • What are you doing now, and is it related to social justice?
  • How did your volunteer year change you, your sense of self, or how you look at life? 
  • What specific skills or practices did you develop?
  • What was the greatest contribution you made to your placement organization?
  • Have you continued living sustainably and/or in community, and if so in what ways?
  • In what ways are you still connected to others from LVC or the community where you served?
  • Looking back, any advice you’d give to LVC Volunteers?


  • What has been the benefit of having LVCers at your organization?
  • What social justice outcomes did LVCers help your organization achieve?
  • What did you learn from them and/or the LVC organization?
  • How have you stayed connected to your LVC Volunteers

Family & Friends of alumni and other connections:

  • What’s your story?

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