Sneak Peek: Placement Position Description

Sneak Peek: Placement Position Description


Dear Placement Applicant:  Thank you for your interest in LVC! The online application form does not allow you to save your work.  Please review the application areas below, and prepare your responses before opening up the application form.  You will complete the form all the way to the end, answering all questions, sign and submit.  You will not be able to access your application once you submit it, so please print a copy for your records.  If you have questions, contact LVC at, or 202.387.3222. Access the application HERE.

  • Placement organization name
  • Program year beginning
  • Volunteer position title
  • LVC program city
  • Select the volunteer term you are open to hosting
  • Year of Service: AUGUST – JULY
  • Virtual
  • Site location address
  • Social justice focus that best describes the position


  • Please provide the online link to the position description.
  • Job Summary (a brief statement that stands alone to describe the position)
  • Duties and Responsibilities (Top 5-7 activities, responsibilities, and/or tasks)
  • Knowledge, Skills, Abilities (needed to be successful in the position)
  • How many volunteers can serve in this exact position?
  • Are you requesting the same volunteer for a 2nd term?
  • Work schedule
    • Monday-Friday
    • Some weekdays and most weekends
    • Most weekdays and occasional weekends
    • Weekdays and some evenings
  • Work hours start and stop
  • Schedule exceptions (evening meetings, holidays worked, etc.)
  • Language required
  • Language preferred
  • Dress code
    • Business/professional
    • Business casual
    • Casual
    • Uniform
  • Is a car required to perform the duties?
  • Driver’s license required?
  • Will Volunteer be required to drive a 12-16 passenger van?
  • Supervisor meeting frequency
    • Weekly
    • Bi-weekly
    • Monthly
  • Describe style of ongoing planned supervision
  • Can performance reviews be coordinated with LVC reviews?


  • Describe orientation and training provided
  • Performance review process
  • Challenges of this position for the Volunteer
  • Leadership, skill development, learning opportunities for the Volunteer (listing 3-5 ways the position is intentional in leadership development will help applicants compare your position with other fellowship opportunities)


  • Supervisor’s name, phone, email, title
  • Interviewer’s name, phone, email
  • Department director’s name, phone, email
  • Finance/invoicing name, phone, email
  • General contact for the LVC partnership


  • Why do you seek to fill the position with a Volunteer instead of hiring a permanent, salaried member?
  • Check box to confirm Placement is prepared to cover these costs should the Volunteer need them.
    • *Health Insurance Premium: Estimated to be between $355-450/month per Volunteer (only for Volunteers that require it)
    • Health Out-of-Pocket Costs: Up to $900 for additional deductibles, co-payments, pre-existing conditions, after $100 is spent by the Volunteer (only if Volunteers require it)
    • Auto Liability Insurance: Up to $95/month (only if a car is required for the position) plus mileage
    • Work-Related Travel: Costs to and from the Placement, and other work-related travel, typically provided as a monthly bus pass
  • Placement will sign a new 3-way contract?
  • Check box if Placement agrees to these work-related policies.
    • No more than a 40-hour workweek
    • Comp-time provided for unusual exceptions to the 40-hour workweek
    • LVC program days allowed and not counted as vacation/sick time (one program day off per month; two multi-day retreats; several Placement-Volunteer-LVC reviews)
  • Check box if Placement can support these LVC values at work and with Volunteer.
    • Anti-racism/anti-oppression
    • Inclusion and diversity, particularly around race
    • LGBTQ welcoming and inclusion
    • Living simply and sustainably
    • Conflict resolution, importance of
    • Use of personal pronouns