Sneak Peek: Volunteer App Pt II

Sneak Peek: Volunteer Application Essays

Dear Applicant:  Thank you for your interest in LVC! The online application form does not allow you to save your work.  Please review the application areas below, and prepare your responses before opening up the application form.  You will complete the form all the way to the end, answering all questions, sign and submit.  You will not be able to access your application once you submit it, so please print a copy for your records.  If you have questions, contact LVC at, or 202.387.3222. Access the application HERE.

Note:  Your essays are the best way to present who you are and help LVC get to know you! Please be brief but share fully about yourself and your perspectives.

Great news, applicant… You’re now on Part II of the application process!  Essay questions give you an opportunity to present a full picture of who you are, convey why you’re a good candidate for the LVC program, and help you determine whether this is a commitment you’re ready to make. Please limit responses to 3-5 sentences or 2500 character limit. Once you complete all questions and sign, you’ll click SUBMIT and then CLOSE at the right bar.   You will not be able to make changes after submitting.

  • Date
  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Email


  • LVC Volunteers commit to the practice of living in “intentional community”, sharing material resources, spiritual practices, recreation time, and daily life challenges.
  • 1a. Have you lived with non-guardian/family members before?
  • 1b. If you have lived with other non-familyguardian members before, please provide some context/specifics of that living situation.
  • 1c. What are your hopes and concerns about community living in LVC? What would you like to learn?


In LVC, living simply is more than “not spending much money,” but encourages communities and individuals to be thoughtful about the use of money, time, and the Earth’s resources.  LVC expects Volunteers to reflect on their relationship with materialism and consumption, and live on a modest stipend that covers basic living expenses.

  • 2a. What would you like to learn by living simply and sustainably? How would you like to challenge yourself?
  • 2b. Why do you feel called to  live on a modest stipend at this time in your life? (Why choose service over salaried employment?)


In LVC, social justice is both working directly with people to meet their immediate needs, as well as working on the root causes of poverty and oppression.  Part of this work is external — what you do at your Placement — and part is internal — growing aware of and discussing your own experiences with oppression and privilege.

  • 3a. What social justice issues are you passionate about and why? In your opinion, why do these injustices exist, and who contributes to/perpetuates the injustices?
  • 3b. How has interacting with people from ethnic, racial, or socioeconomic backgrounds different from your own impacted your understanding of the social injustices you mention, if at all?


LVC is committed to a process we call “Journey to an Inclusive Community (JIC),” where we seek to foster an atmosphere that is open, affirming, and safe for people of all races, sexual orientations, religions, gender identifies, and economic classes. LVC is also Reconciling in Christ (RIC), welcoming people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender.

  • 4a. In what ways have you taken action to support full inclusion of LGBT people in our society? If you have not, please explain why.
  • 4b. In what way is your life affected by racist systems and structures? If you think it is not, why do you think so?


LVC expects Volunteers to discuss their own spirituality, practices, and perspectives with their community members to share, learn, and support your peers’ spiritual journeys. You will discuss contemplative questions to help each other share and explore stories more deeply.

  • 5a. How do you feel about participating in a spiritual activity/discussion within and outside of your religious or spiritual tradition? What could you gain from the experience?  Do you have any concerns?


LVC is a challenging and dynamic experience.  What you share can help us better guide you to Placements and cities that can best support your journey.

  • 6a. Please share any financial obligations, special circumstances, or personal health concerns that may have a significant impact on your LVC experience (recent death of a loved one, sickness in the family, physical/emotional/mental health concern, etc.).
  • 6b. How do you handle stressful situations?
  • 6c. What do you need to succeed with your LVC experience? What environment is right for you to grow in? What support do you think you will need?


  • 7a. Now that you’ve explored LVC’s core values, how is the opportunity with LVC related to your aspirations for the future? What brought you to the decision to apply to LVC?
  • 7b. Please describe challenges you’ve faced in a professional setting, citing specific examples of interacting with clients, coworkers, and supervisors as well as how you handle stressful work situations.

LVC is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) service year collaborative called LIFE in Service.  We work together to provide the best matches between Placements and Volunteers, and are happy to share your application with other LIFE programs, upon your request. Sharing does not reduce your eligibility or priority with LVC. Your application will only be shared upon your request, and when it is complete. For YAGM, you must also complete their application separately; for USC, your LVC application can be used for that program (with some supplemental information provided by you).  Both organizations will follow up with next steps.

  • 7c. Share my application with:
  • Urban Servant Corps (USC):, 303.894.0076, year-long August to August in Denver, CO, Deadline March 1
  • Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM):, 800.638.3522, ext.2446, year-long positions internationally, August to July, deadline February 15


  • To sign, click SIGN, use your mouse or keypad to sign your name, then click DONE.  Submit this application by clicking SUBMIT and then CLOSE on the right side bar.