Spotlight: Natalie Trujillo

SPOTLIGHT: Natalie Trujillo, Volunteer

Natalie Trujillo (second from left)

Q: What’s your LVC story? A: I’m a current LVC volunteer (’18-’19) placed in DC. My placement site is the Network of Victim Recovery of DC.  I am an advocate and case manager working with survivors of sexual assault.

Q: What are the top 3 ways LVC changed or impacted your life? A: LVC has impacted my life is many ways! My number one would have to be my community. These amazing, fierce woman of Junia House have helped me grow and inspired me in countless ways throughout this year of service. Secondly, my placement has impacted me far more than I could even begin to explain. My work as an advocate in the hospital and court has given me an immense amount of knowledge and understanding of how these systems function. I am a stronger person because of the strength that my clients and coworkers display each and every day. Lastly, I have changed and grown because of the opportunities and doors that LVC has opened for me. By having the privilege to do this year of service, I have been able to meet such amazing people who have inspired me to continue my career in social work. Because of these opportunities and support network, I will be attending graduate school in the fall for a masters in social work.

Q: Why do you support LVC? A: I support LVC because of their dedication to work towards making this organization better for future volunteers.

Q: What do you want to leave in the 40th Anniversary time capsule? A: I want to leave behind a picture of the ‘Women Wall’ that my community and I have created this year. This wall represents the numerous women in society who are breaking down barriers and charging forward. These women are a symbol of strength and fearlessness. When I look at this wall, I feel the call for action. I hope that past, present, and future volunteers are struck with this same feeling and are inspired by these incredible women and all the other powerful women in their own lives.

Q: What are you doing now and how is it related to your LVC experience? A: I am currently an advocate/case manager at the Network for Victim Recovery of DC. Following this year, I will be attending graduate school in the Fall to pursue a Masters in Social Work and hope to continue my career of working with survivors of sexual assault.