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Each year, Lutheran Volunteer Corps matches approximately 50 full time Volunteers with social justice non-profit organizations in our program cities across the U.S. The directory below provides a SAMPLE list of placement positions for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 program years.  About 80% of LVC partner organizations re-apply each year; and in addition, we will have new positions that are not yet on the list.

LVC Applicants get to see the list of available positions as part of the application and matching process, including more in depth position descriptions.

To have the widest choice of positions, apply by our Round 1 January 15th deadline. There are significantly fewer positions available for the Round 2 April 1st deadline.

Position Type & Concern Area(s)
Organization Description
Chicago Jobs Council (CJC) moves people out of poverty through employment using on-the-ground expertise, advocacy, and capacity-building.

CJC was founded in 1981 with 18 members to track economic development funds earmarked for low-income Chicagoans. The coalition monitored the city’s public brick-and-mortar funding and developed advocacy efforts to build into skills training to broaden access to jobs. Thirty-five years later, working alongside over 100 members/member organizations, CJC focuses efforts in two main areas: policy advocacy and capacity building. CJC engages in this work at the federal and state level, with a focus on the Chicago region. CJC’s major policy efforts focus on alternative business models and “high road” employer practices; an inclusive continuum of education and training; and reduced systemic barriers to employment experienced by people of color and women. CJC’s capacity building efforts are conducted primarily through the Frontline Focus Training Institute (FFTI) and the Workforce Information & Resource Exchange (WIRE) online portal. Over 600 unique individuals were engaged in CJC events last year (Working Group, Frontline Focus trainings, Frontline Workforce Association, Member events, etc.) and CJC estimates that ultimately 40,000 disadvantaged job seekers and workers benefited from our capacity building and policy advocacy efforts.CJC recently developed a 3-year Strategic Plan (2017-2019) articulating a clear vision, key values and strategic goals for the organization. CJC’s vision is that all people, regardless of where they start or where they've been, can access employment as a pathway out of poverty. CJC recognizes that stable employment with good pay, benefits, and opportunities for career advancement is the foundation of strong communities. Our work aims to create a more equitable society as we strive to dissolve structural inequalities contributing to racial, ethnic and gender inequalities in employment. CJC uses evidence, research and on-the-ground practice to advance employment policies and programs, which challenge current practice and offer bold solutions to achieve greater impact. CJC values inclusive relationships – working in teams, in partnerships, in coalitions – because collaboration that engages diverse experiences and considers others is key to our success. CJC’s Strategic Plan goals include: Development of alternative business models that create opportunities for people living in poverty and promote “high road” employer practices; inclusive continuum of education and training to build the skills of people living in poverty and align with labor market skill-demands; reduced systemic barriers to employment experienced by people of color and women; expanded relationships with employers; expanded communications strategies that reach public decision-makers; robust network of community-based service providers that provide high quality services; improved ability to document, measure and communicate CJC’s impact; and maintenance of a sustainable organizational infrastructure for CJC.
Position Description

The Research & Online Communications Assistant would advance CJC’s efforts to be a “go to” information resource for the workforce development (i.e. employment and training services) field; facilitate connections amongst service providers, advocates and others in the field; and raise the public profile of the most disadvantaged job seekers and workers (i.e. make people -- including those who make decisions about policies, programs and funding -- pay attention to those individuals who most critically need support and help!). The Assistant would help create and disseminate content through CJC’s website, Workforce Information and Resource Exchange (WIRE), social media platforms – as well as gather/synthesize information to help inform CJC’s policy advocacy and program work.

CJC’s website, which houses the WIRE portal, is a trusted source of workforce information for providers and other stakeholders in Chicago and beyond. CJC constantly updates the site with new research and data on topics such as local economic and labor market information, best practices in service delivery, and public program funding. The WIRE also features persuasive blog posts/news feed on critical topics related to, for example, social services, economic conditions, the experiences of people in poverty and individuals seeking employment. CJC’s website additionally offers links to useful publications, training tools and resources for providers. Last year nearly 6,500 unique users visited the WIRE. In addition to its website and the WIRE, CJC further reaches an audience through Facebook (currently 1719 followers), Twitter (currently 1670 followers), Soundcloud and Instagram.

The Research & Online Communications Assistant would help coordinate CJC’s on-going communications and information-sharing through all of these venues. The Assistant would also gather and synthesize information to help inform CJC’s policy advocacy and capacity building activities. Some key responsibilities will include: compiling, researching and writing content; creating and designing information resources; maintaining websites and platforms; assisting with logistics of social media campaigns.

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