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Each year, Lutheran Volunteer Corps matches approximately 50 full time Volunteers with social justice non-profit organizations in our program cities across the U.S. The directory below provides a SAMPLE list of placement positions for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 program years.  About 80% of LVC partner organizations re-apply each year; and in addition, we will have new positions that are not yet on the list.

LVC Applicants get to see the list of available positions as part of the application and matching process, including more in depth position descriptions.

To have the widest choice of positions, apply by our Round 1 January 15th deadline. There are significantly fewer positions available for the Round 2 April 1st deadline.

Shelter Assistant – The Ministry of Caring
Position Type & Concern Area(s)
Organization Description
The Ministry of Caring is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization established in 1977 to assist under-served low-income and homeless clients. Nineteen programs connect individuals and families with the resources needed to survive and confront barriers to adequate housing, food-access, child care, good health, and adequate employment. All services are provided within the greater Wilmington area and align with the guiding principle, ''the poor should never be treated poorly.''
Position Description

The Shelter Assistant will support Hope House I staff in providing safe, encouraging, and effective support for homeless women pursuing emergency services, personal development, and stability in the context of a comprehensive shelter program.

The volunteer may measure the impact of their work in services provided, each client’s successful integration into the workforce, and the number of clients who move on to safe housing.

LVC City
Wilmington DE

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