Become a Placement

Thank you for your interest in applying to receive one of our amazing LVC Volunteers! Lutheran Volunteer Corps is privileged to place enthusiastic, talented people at a wide variety of non-profit organizations across the country for a year of service.

LVC currently accepts applications from organizations located in Baltimore, MD; Chicago, IL; Milwaukee, WI; Minneapolis, MN; Omaha, NE; St. Paul, MN; Washington, DC; and Wilmington, DE.

Volunteers serve in a variety of roles to make a difference in fields such as housing and homelessness, health care, community development, environmental concerns, children and youth, LGBTQ issues, immigration, women’s rights, and many more. Review our placement position directory for further information about positions filled the past few years. Current and new placements and placement supervisors, please click here to view our 2016-17 Supervisor Handbook and supervisor/placement checklist.

Read the 2017-18 Supervisor Handbook.

Read the 2018-19 Supervisor Handbook.


We are looking for placement organizations that address issues of social justice, have a commitment to mentoring volunteers, are welcoming to volunteers from a variety of backgrounds, and are financially stable.

Placement organizations are required to be a 501(3)c non-profit , and must  have an office or other workplace within reasonable commuting distance by public transit from the volunteer’s house.

Please visit our Placement Eligibility page for more information.


Placement organizations pay their volunteers a stipend for monthly expenses, including housing and utilities, transportation, and $260 for food and personal expenses. Placement Organizations are required to provide volunteers health insurance, either through their own plan, or by a plan offered through LVC.

Placements are also charged a one-time placement fee, after the match has been accepted, to cover the Volunteer’s travel to/from their LVC city and LVC’s overhead expenses.  The placement fee is calculated on a sliding scale based on the organization’s budget for salaries and benefits. For more a detailed cost estimate, you may request a financial worksheet from your regional Program Manager.

Placement Application Process

To apply for LVC, you must submit an online application by our December 15th deadline, and participate in a site visit by LVC staff. You will be notified of acceptance by early February 2018. Contact your regional Program Manager with questions about becoming an LVC placement and review a more detailed Placement Application & Matching timeline.

Acceptance into the LVC program does not guarantee a volunteer match. During Round One matching, you will have the opportunity to interview and rank up to three prospective volunteers. LVC staff will use these rankings match organizations and volunteers. If no match is found for your organization in Round One, the matching process will repeat in Round Two.


Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact your regional Program Manager.