A Voice for Change at Voices for Children Nebraska

Elizabeth Clapp (pictured above) is an LVC Volunteer in the Hillstrom House in Omaha, Nebraska.

She recently graduated from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN with a double major in Global Studies and Political Science. This is part of the reason for her interest in serving at her current LVC Placement—Voices for Children in Nebraska.

Elizabeth loves researching and reporting about public policy issues like paid family leave, and while one of her main responsibilities at Voices for Children is doing just that, she also helps manage the organization’s social media presence and blog updates.

Elizabeth says, “I enjoy serving at Voices because it is rewarding to see social justice outcomes being achieved at the state level. Voices for Children works with the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature by providing data about how Nebraskan children and families are doing, as well as giving expert testimony on bills as the need arises. The goal is to affect positive change for children and families throughout the state, whether it is in juvenile justice, child welfare, health, economic stability, or elsewhere. From my perspective, it is rewarding to see work pay off; whether in putting together research that gets shared in a testimony at a legislative hearing, or perhaps witnessing a bill our organization supports get passed in the Legislature next spring to help people state-wide. For a gal who entered Lutheran Volunteer Corps to make a difference, that is an exciting thing.”

Recently, Elizabeth wrote an inVoices_for_Children_logocredibly informative blog post about community eligibility and education. Community Eligibility has the ability to bring reduced cost meals into Nebraska’s public schools, so that more children have access to healthy food at school. Check out more blog posts written by Elizabeth here.

[Article written as part of LVC’s December 2015 e-Leader Letter)