Sharing a Transformative Experience: LVC Alum Anna Ernst Gives Back

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LVC Alum ’10-’11 Anna Ernst thought of LVC as she planned her ordination service in September. Anna has been called to serve as Associate Pastor of Youth and Outreach at Epiphany Evangelical Lutheran Church in Elmhurst, IL and decided to share some of the offerings at her ordination service with LVC. When we asked why Anna decided to give to LVC, she wrote:

Anna (right) with LVC Housemate Kayleigh Bradley-Vogt

As an LVC Volunteer, I served as a Community Outreach Associate in two Lutheran congregations in Omaha, NE.

 My grandfather was a pastor and I grew up being very active in church, but it was my LVC year that made me realize I wanted to be a pastor. During my LVC year, I realized that I liked coming to work in a church office every day as well as getting out in the community and building relationships with all kinds of people. I will also never forget Crossroads anti-racism training during orientation – which, along with subsequent conversations with my housemates at our retreats and around the house that year, was transformative for me and will influence the way I view my role as a pastor and an activist to this day. 

I couldn’t imagine not giving back to LVC on the occasion of my ordination so that others can have similar transformative experiences to mine – experiences which will help them continue to grow as leaders working to bring peace with justice.”

Anna was ordained on September 23 at Saint Luke Lutheran Church in Maryland. Our blessings, thoughts, and thanks go with her as she begins her journey in serving the church!

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