Spotlight: LVC Staff

Shae Agee, National Program and Partnerships Director

You might see Shae Agee, on a Giving Tuesday livestream; hosting a regional recruitment Zoom chat for prospective volunteers; leading monthly program days with Volunteers and community facilitators; or reaching out to new Placements, speakers, or other partners. For almost two years, Shae has served as national program and partnerships director, renewing the LVC program experience and building the LVC community.

Shae has lived and served in the Washington DC area for most of her adult life. She has been an athlete and a singer her entire life and continues to enjoy these activities. She loves animals and also is a major donor for a small non-profit that places animals in their forever homes. She is proudly part of the LGBTQI community and was a public speaker and advocate for marriage equality. She currently has an increased passion for advocacy around marginalized communities, racism, homophobia and transphobia. Shae has a Master’s degree in Psychology and is a Doctoral candidate in Psychology at Capella University. Her passion for continued learning is related to her passion for helping others. Shae has worked for non-profits and universities in various roles including as an Executive Director, Director of Health and Wellness and as a consultant for business incubators.