Volunteering at the MN Racial Justice Summit

By Kayla Zopfi, Twin Cities Volunteer ‘22-’23

I had the opportunity to attend the Minneapolis Area Synod Racial Justice Summit a few weeks ago, on November 6th, through my LVC placement as the Administrative and Communications Associate with the Minneapolis Area Synod.

At the summit, synod leaders in racial equity and justice initiatives came together to celebrate accomplishments and to continue growing relationships and unity so that our ever crucial anti-racism work continues to blossom. We were reminded that, as siblings in Christ, we are called to stand and act together in order to build a world for all people.

One section of the day that stuck out to me was when we took about 45 minutes to talk in small groups about the range of synod-wide equity initiatives. Almost every group had both praises and critiques. I’m still thinking about a critique I heard, calling into question if we’re spreading ourselves too thin. My coworker, Maya, was at this table. She and I were talking about the comment later in the day and considered the pros and cons of wide-but-not-deep engagement in anti-racism work. Surely we have to start somewhere, but humility to wonder if we are not being as effective as we hope to be and nimbleness to pivot and reprioritize are crucial–specifically as one of the whitest Christian denominations in the U.S. 

Part of my LVC role is dedicated to some Synod equity initiatives, and to be at this gathering of brilliant minds and powerful change-makers was inspiring and empowering, both for the work I’m currently doing in my role, but also for the work I will do beyond my time with LVC.