Volunteering: Samrawit Pitches the CEO

Before making it to the half-year mark of her LVC service year, Samrawit Stoner already had ideas for how her Placement could innovate. Serving as Volunteer Coordinator at Bread for the City in Washington, DC, she shared with LVC’s president that she had a few ideas. LVC’s president contacted Bread’s CEO, award-winning community activist and highly regarded George Jones, who catapulted Bread for the City by expanding it ten-fold in response to poverty, homelessness, and food insecurity. Jones said yes to meeting with Samra to hear her ideas.

Samra proposed to incorporate bike courier grocery delivery into Bread’s food delivery service, part of the wrap-around services to reduce the burdens of poverty. Samra’s proposal has the benefit of reducing the carbon footprint, increasing agility in traffic, reducing vehicle costs and maintenance, and broadening employment opportunities. In a city with an ever-growing number of bike rentals on busy commercial corners, this bike delivery plan might be the wave of the future.

Bread for the City’s board declined to pursue the proposal at this time, but they deliberated over it, thanks to George Jones’ openness to new ideas, and thanks to Samra being the springboard for new ways to serve the community.

No doubt Samra entered LVC already activated. And her Placement is offering the fertile ground she needs to excel. We’re proud to call her one of ours.