Exiting Volunteers

THAT WAS TREMENDOUS! We look forward to staying in touch with you!

  • Facebook — Know that you’re moving to another LVC city? Joining the local LVC Facebook group will keep you connected to housemates and alumni.
  • List Serv — The LVC email list serv provides added value if you need to look for housing and jobs. Send an email to your Program Manager to join the list serv in your next LVC city.
  • Share Your Story — You’re the only person who knows your story and can tell it with all the exciting flare and flames!  Share your LVC year here.
  • Lead — Now that LVC volunteering is over, transition to using what you learned in LVC to lead others.  Connect to LVC by:
    • Support the next round of local Volunteers for their year-of-service.
    • DONATE NOW! and every year hereafter at any giving level comfortable to you (yes, we really DO appreciate your gift of $20 a year!).
    • Serve on an LVC Local (or National) Support Network, board of directors, as a Volunteer recruiter, or any other way that moves you.

From all of us at the Lutheran Volunteer Corps, thanks for a great year!