LVC Placement: CreateMPLS

CreateMPLS prepares students in underserved communities for the future of work through technology and learning programs, and is a new Placement with LVC for August 2021.

In 2025, Minnesota is expected to have 200,000 tech jobs, yet 40% of students in the state don’t have access to training to meet this demand. CreateMPLS brings STEM especially to young women and students from racial minority backgrounds to build this pipeline of talent.

LVC has matched Volunteer Braden Kilpatrick as technology program facilitator, supervised by Rob Warland at CreateMPLS for August 2021.

Braden is passionate about working to help solve many social justice issues in society today. While volunteering with LVC he’ll have the opportunity to teach STEM subjects to students who might not otherwise be exposed to these fields. Recently graduated from Michigan State University, he has spent lots of time learning about how underrepresentation from all different backgrounds has limited science. Braden believes working to share STEM knowledge with young students will make the scientific field more inclusive and diverse.

CreateMPLS brings hands-on technology programs to K-12 at no cost. Learn more about their innovation HERE.