LVC Placement: Public Justice Center

Baltimore, MD’s Public Justice Center was founded in 1985 to use legal tools to challenge poverty and racial inequity in Maryland and beyond. They actively incorporate racial inequity lens and analysis in arguments to educate around bias, white supremacy, and oppressive systems.

In 2021, Public Justice Center joined LVC as a Placement, matching Volunteer Maryam Hassanein as paralegal, health and benefits rights project, with PJC’s supervisor Ashley Black; and Fredson Desravines as paralegal, education stability project with PJC’s supervisor Monisha Cherayil.

During Desravine’s years at Providence College, he served in leadership positions such as a Chairperson for the Board of Programmers and a Program Coordinator for the Peer Mentoring Program. In both positions, he helped in the advancement of students of color to be more comfortable and seen in the general campus community.

PJC advocates in the courts, before legislatures and government agencies, and alongside community and advocacy organizations.

Find out more about Public Justice Center HERE.