Spotlight: Volunteer/Placement

Anna Fox, Volunteer 2020-21

My name is Anna Fox. My time with L’Arche, even though it has only been a couple of months, has been transformative and life-giving. Having grown up with an uncle with developmental disabilities, advocacy and care for persons with disabilities has always been near to my heart. When applying for LVC and finding out about L’Arche’s mission, “to make known the gifts of people with disabilities through mutually transforming relationships,” I thought that it was almost too perfect of a fit to be true. I now see that that mission statement is truly lived and breathed in daily life at L’Arche. Our core members have given me the gift of being fully seen, accepted, and embraced exactly as I am.

Chris Meister, L’Arche Placement Supervisor

LVC is pleased to have L’Arche as one of our Placements in Washington, DC. L’Arche’s mission is to make known the gifts of people with intellectual disabilities, revealed through mutually transforming relationships; foster an environment in community that responds to the changing needs of our members, while being faithful to the core values of our founding story; engage in our diverse cultures, working together toward a more human society. L’Arche offers housing and support services to adults, an inclusive community focused on holistic, person-centered care.