December 2020 Newsletter

Seasons Greetings!

What a year!  In this season of thanks and giving, let’s just say that our hope that 2020 would soon be over, is really appreciation for the blessing of being prepared for 2021.  We know we’ve been given the tools for more than just survival, so as we close out this year we move into the New Year with renewed faith.

Thanks to the many monthly and annual donors that have kept LVC’s unique brand of service volunteering available to new Volunteers this year; and those of you who will choose to GIVE HERE for the first time this season.  While there is still a lot of uncertainty in our world, with your help we’ve stabilized LVC this year and kept operations lean while growing the program, and are positioning for increased sustainability.

We’re delighted to share messages from the LVC Community, and invite you all to become part of our revival of LOCAL SUPPORT NETWORKS.  Yes, local support flourished back in the day, and for some reason we disbanded that critical engagement… but we know that supporting Volunteers and offering a strong community for alumni requires structured local attention.  Look for a Zoom invite in early 2021 to begin discussing what local support can look like for our program cities, and how you can start now helping our Volunteers through the second half of their LVC year, and beyond.

We hope you enjoy the updates and messages that follow. And from all of us at LVC, have a wonderful holiday season!

Deirdre Bagley, President

Volunteer Appreciation

THANK YOU video from Winona House!

LVC Community Spotlight

LVC Updates

  • Fireside Chats — Staff and board members joined the president on eight Zoom fireside chats with alumni, churches, and donors, where the president shared a snapshot of LVC today, demographics of this year’s Volunteers and Placements, program changes, and LVC’s need for local support and program day speakers.  Thanks to all who joined what turned out to be reunions among alumni and friends!
  • Local Support Network Revival — Let’s consider local support new and improved in 2021, as we revive and redefine how we will engage each year to support Volunteers and offer ongoing community to alumni and friends. Expect an invitation to join the conversation, particularly if you live in one of LVC’s program cities.
  • Programming — At the fireside chats we summarized changes that are now part of the LVC experience including: nationwide program days the first Friday of each month; flexible volunteering for a year, semester, or virtually; house conversations on faith weekly; anti-racism training that speaks to all Volunteers and goes beyond racism 101; community engagement as speakers, commentators, and facilitators for social justice topics at program days; Volunteer-defined interest groups that connect them to other Volunteers nationally; and more!
  • Alumni Open Letter — Approximately 60 recent alumni sent a letter to LVC about the need for change; and LVC invited the signatories to a meeting this fall to hear more.  Two alumni participated and offered insights that are continuing to shape the program experience, and the culture of LVC.
  • Monthly-Donor Alert — LVC has changed its donor database.  Monthly donors can expect a message from LVC about moving your monthly donation to a new platform, to please keep your financial support alive.
  • Missed our September newsletter with a lot of updates?  You can read it HERE.

If you’ve reached the end of this newsletter, thank you! Your interest and engagement is a huge part of what keeps the program alive, and why LVC alumni still say their LVC experience was life-changing. Happy Holidays, All!